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Paradigm Reinstatements Projects

If you are considering working with Paradigm Reinstatements on your next project, you may be interested to see what kind of work we do for our existing, valued customers. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Royal Balmoral Estate Leak Detection

Date: 28/04/2017   |   Type: Leak Detection

Dampness in Buildings

Date: 24/03/2017   |   Type: Dampness

Fire Damaged Car Port

Date: 01/02/2017   |   Type: Fire Damage

Injection Drying System

Date: 09/08/2016   |   Type: Dampness

Flooding in Ballater

Date: 01/06/2016   |   Type: Water Damage

> Fast Efficient Water Leak Detection 26-09-2017

The benefits of quickly sourcing underground water leaks and fixing them are obvious. If you can pinpoint the source of the leak before you start digging to find the pipe, then you only have to dig one hole.

> A Success Story in the Property Reinstatement Sector25-09-2017

Sometimes it takes driven and professional individuals to enter into an established industry to make changes for the better.

> Cleaning up After a Fire24-07-2017

What to do if you have experienced a fire in your workplace or your home.

> Monitoring The Drying of Cavity Walls04-07-2017

We look further into the monitoring and timings involved in the drying of cavity walls.

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