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Royal Balmoral Estate Leak Detection

Client / Main Contractor: No Contractor

Building: Balmoral Estate, Aberdeenshire

Type: Leak Detection

Value: N/A

Date: 28/04/2017

Paradigm Identify High Volume Water Leaks On Royal Estate

In April this year we were asked to assist with leak detection work to help identify high volume water leaks on the Aberdeenshire Royal Estate. Our technicians spent 2 days surveying sections of the grounds identifying pipes using our high tech Sewerin Utilitrac device. Acoustic correlation was also used to ‘listen’ onto the pipe network for the tell-tale noise of escaping water.

Leak Detection At Balmoral Royal Estate

On a vast estate such as this it would be normal to have water leaks, locating the underground pipes is the first task and with no reliable site plans it is no easy task. Paradigm Reinstatements Leak Detection team is equipped with some of the best quality equipment from Sewerin in Germany.

Paradigm Leak Detection At Balmoral Royal Estate

Using tracer reels, signal generators and sonds we have the ability to send signals along the lines and track pipes with great accuracy. Using these techniques, the team was able to find an open scour valve which was allowing water to escape. Some calculations were carried out via a flow meter which established this leak was losing approximately 20 litres per minute, which equates to 1200 litres per hour or 28,800 litres per day.

Simply closing down the valve stopped this particular water loss, an easy and efficient piece of leak detection work.

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