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Fire Damage Repair Costs – What You Need to Consider

Fire is arguably one of the scariest and most dangerous risks that we face in our homes and businesses. And the worst of it is, the fire itself is only a part of the resulting process that we have to manage. When you’ve faced a fire, there are various things you need to do immediately and afterwards. In this article, we want to give you a good idea of what to expect as well as what fire damage repair costs you may need to take into consideration.

fire damage insurance

Emergency Assistance

Clearly, at the first sign of fire, unless it’s a small fire that you can safely extinguish yourself, you need to get the emergency services involved. But in reality, there are two types of emergency service you need when you experience a fire. Of course you need the Fire Service to come and put the fire out, but depending on the extent of the damage, you may also need emergency services from your restoration company to help you get the immediate aftermath under control. The cost of this part of fire damage repair costs will depend on what needs to be done urgently to make the building safe.

Call in the Experts

Fire damage is complicated and can have long-lasting effects if not dealt with properly and thoroughly first time around. At Paradigm we have both the experience and the equipment to make sure that your property is fully reinstated to its former glory and to make sure your costs are controlled at the same time. We also have a network of trades we can call upon to get your work done swiftly, as well as a team of people who will make sure the work is done to our high standard and on time. Achieving all these things alone, may seem possible at the outset, but most people find that they very quickly get out of their depth without someone like Paradigm on side.

Making sure you get the right expert on side early can make a world of difference to how fast you get your life back to normal. At Paradigm we’re not only experts at what we do, we also understand how you feel during these trying times and we do all we can to put your mind at ease and to support you.

Assessing the Extent of the Damage

When any fire has been safely extinguished, the next step in the process is to get Paradigm to come and assess the full extent of the damage. The problem with both fire and water damage is that the effects can sometimes go way beyond what you can see. This is why it’s essential to work with a company that has experience in fire damage right from the start. Working this way is the only way to know the real extent of your fire damage repair costs. This part of the process also involves the careful recording of evidence, which is extremely important when making your claim.

Taking Temporary Precautions

Once the fire has safely been extinguished and after the evidence has been gathered and assessment made, there may be a need for temporary measures to be put in place to avoid further damage. For example, if the fire has caused windows to break or made holes in your roof, these will have to be temporarily made good to avoid further risk of damage to your property. Once again, Paradigm is there, by your side making sure that all precautionary measures are taken to ensure your property is safe and secure.

The Big Clean-up

Once the extent of the damage has been accurately assessed, evidence taken and a report has been made for your insurance company, it is normally safe to start the big clean-up process.

Cleaning up after a fire isn’t like any other sort of cleaning. When you’re dealing with fire damage repair, you’ve got to take into consideration smoke, dust and soot as well as nasty odours. With the right partner on hand, using the right techniques and equipment, your job will be fast, efficient and will allow you to get back to normal as soon as possible. At Paradigm we are that partner.


Restoration and repair goes a long way beyond painting and decorating. At Paradigm, we know that restoration can involve everything from recovering or replacing paperwork to deep cleaning and repair of clothing, furnishings and fittings. When you choose Paradigm, your fire repair damage costs won’t just be tightly controlled, you’ll be certain that every element of your life that’s been affected by fire will be brought back to where it was beforehand.

If you’re been affected by fire and are worried about the fire damage repair costs you could be facing, get in touch today. It’s important to have the right team on side to make sure your life gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

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