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Leak Detection

Ferret Leak Finder Technology

Discover how the Ferret Leak Locator makes detecting and fixing leaks a relatively simple process for Paradigm.


Leak Detection

Modern Technology And Water Leak Detection

We take a look at how Water Leak Detection can be far more efficient with the expert use of modern technology.


Dampness in Buildings

How Moisture Readings Are Made And Recorded

Find out the most common way to measure dampness in buildings in the restoration industry.


Dampness in Buildings

Moisture Levels And How We Measure Them

We deal with dampness in buildings all the time and there are several methods we use to obtain the moisture content levels.


Dampness in Buildings

Gathering Evidence of Mould Toxins

When dampness in buildings is combined with humid weather it can cause mould to grow quickly.


Dampness in Buildings

Dealing With Mould in Buildings

Mould often forms in damp conditions and restoration companies will have had to tackle several mould varieties in many types of buildings.


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